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 Borneo STPs from Fade x Fade Adults.

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Cold-Blooded Earth

Cold-Blooded Earth

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PostSubject: Borneo STPs from Fade x Fade Adults.   Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:11 pm

For Sale:

2.4 Borneo Short-Tailed Pythons that I produced from breeding a pair of Keith Brady line Fades. These are siblings to both lattes and fades (visible het latte). All are perfect snakes and eat well on weaned/small rats.

Male #1 Granite (NOT Marble) 500

Male #2 250

Female #1 300

Female #2 225

Female #3 250

Female #4 250

Nick Bottini
NickRB223 at gmail DOT com
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Borneo STPs from Fade x Fade Adults.
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